Thank you Seniors! A reflection for all they have done for Marquette Hockey

July 16th, 2021

              We would like to take a moment to recognize and celebrate 5 incredible men who graduated from our program this past year.  Typically, a special group of players rise to the top of the pecking order as Seniors, and this year's Senior class was no exception.  This class deserves recognition not only for what happened to them (a global pandemic), but also because of the vision they had and the preparations they made ahead of time for this past season.   Each of the five players had been a part of the Marquette hockey program since their Freshman year and all of them played a major role in the success this program has seen during that time.  The players brought energy and determination to practice and games, and a mindset to the program as a whole that defines what a Marquette student and hockey player should be.  After hearing that their senior season would be cancelled, they had two choices: pack it in and move on, or instill the program's culture into the next generation of Marquette hockey players.  The ladder was chosen.  The Senior class assembled returning and incoming players for regular skates and pushed each other to improve every time they hit the ice.  Even though they wouldn't be participating next year, it was still important that the rest of the players didn't lose their edge and the new players had a chance to integrate into the program.  The Marquette hockey program has a bright future thanks to the leadership and passion these players brought to the rink the past four years, and we are grateful for everything they have done.   


#4   Ethan Stoudt:


"The first thing I thought upon seeing Ethan skate was, damn that kid is fast!"  It turned out he was not only an incredible skater, but also an excellent forechecker and creative thinker.  On the ice, you very rarely doubted Ethan's work ethic.  The bar he set forced Ethan's teammates to work harder, regardless of whether it was a practice or game.  Off the ice, Ethan brings the same enthusiasm and dedication. I am grateful for his leadership and dedication.”  - Coach Jurgensen


“Ethan is one of the hardest working players on the ice and is always going 100 miles per hour trying to make a play. His energy and speed will be missed” - Coach Shutt


#17 Justin Klatt:


“I can say without question that Klatt has made me a better hockey coach.  His aggressive style and quick trigger taught me patience and communication!  People loved Klatt for his need to defend his teammates in every situation, literally every situation.  He was a great teammate.  Klatt was also so much more than a big guy on the ice.  He was a skilled hockey player who scored some big time goals for our team.  Not only did I push Klatt to grow as a player but he pushed me to grow as a coach and I will forever appreciate our relationship.”  - Coach Jurgensen


“Justin has matured as a hockey player immensely over the years at Marquette.  He was never afraid to go hard into a corner or have his teammates back.”  - Coach Shutt


#20 Adam Romanski:

“Romo was selected by his teammates to receive the Hardest Working Award as both a sophomore and junior.  Not much else needs to be said about what he brought to our team on a daily basis.  There is something to be said about calling a player's name in any situation on the ice and knowing exactly what you would get out of them.  Romo was that player for us.  A rare breed in my opinion.  Romo played with an edge, but also knew how to communicate with his teammates.  We were fortunate to have him as a leader on our team and he embodied the kind of hockey player we seek at Marquette.” - Coach Jurgensen


“Adam is the true definition of a great teammate, he is a leader in the locker room and on the ice. He could be counted on to rally the team and give it his all.” - Coach Shutt


#22 Nathan Farias:


“Freeze, starting winger on the all hands team! Nathan is an incredible example of the type of player we are seeing in club hockey more and more.  He has a high level of hockey IQ and a great set of hands to match.  Even more than that though, Nathan became coachable.  I always say that I expect our players to continue to develop throughout their time at Marquette and I have no doubt that Nathan pushed his development.  I’m not even talking about his development as a player as much as I am referencing his development as a young man, teammate and leader.  It was a privilege to watch him grow and equally as fun to watch what he could do out on the ice.” - Coach Jurgensen


“Nathan is an extremely talented and skilled hockey player that could be counted on to make a play when the game was on the line.” - Coach Shutt


#26 Drew Cassidy:


“The president and my choice to wear the C had this season been able to play out.  Drew was the ultimate team player that brought a never ending enthusiasm to the rink.  What he and his teammates were able to do by leading practices and setting expectations will set us up for success for years to come.  While he may have loved more PP time, Drew understood better than most how he could best contribute to the team's success and jumped the boards each time with a purpose.  I am hopeful that we can have more players like Drew come through our program and I am grateful for all he has done.” - Coach Jurgensen


“Drew has been dedicated to the MU hockey program both on and off the ice over his four year career.  Drew has helped continue to grow and advance the program as the team president and captain.”  Coach Shutt

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