"Inside the Locker Room"

November 28th, 2011

Marquette Hockey Insider (your number one source for news, updates, statistics, and everything else Marquette Hockey), is featuring a new weekly segment called "Inside the Locker Room." Each week we will dig deeper into the lives of two current Marquette hockey players. Enjoy!


Week One highlights Assistant Coach/Injured Player Grant Worden and team Captain Will Jurgensen. 


Grant Worden:


full name: Grant "Talent Show" Worden



home town: Carmel, Indian -you know the



a little bit about your childhood: Born a man in the fearlessly gentle autumn winds of 1990 in Chesterfield Missouri, hockey became my 8th sense playing roller hockey in the streets, refusing to give up a breakaway for a "CAAARRR!" When the Worden Clan journeyed from Missouri to Oregon, the roller blades turned to steal blades. I learned and perfected my skills in the West Coast stile hockey and used those skills to blow the Indiana competition out of the water when I touched down in Carmel in 2001. No matter the different teams or players, I have always been with people who are coming together to achieve a specific goal through dedication and heart and that is rare thing.



why did you start playing hockey?: My older brother and I played roller hockey like it was our job. Day in and day out we lugged the plastic net out into the street and the kids would file out after breakfast and morning cartoons. When roller hockey turned into  ice hockey, it was mainly due to my older brothers commitment to a team. I obviously wanted to do everything he wanted to so I learned how to skate. Whether the activity was "knee hockey," ice hockey, roller hockey, penny hockey, bubble hockey, or video game hockey my brother and I battled to be the best. I know hockey will be always be apart of my life and the Worden family.

Family life:
Dad- Ian
Dogs: Topaz and Jade



high school: Class Honors Freshman-Senior year… Really don't brag about high school that much… no one cares. (Wow so modest Grant!)


why did you come to marquette: Small school in a medium size city with advertising, hockey, and cheese- CHECKMATE

activities, hobbies, favorite pas times,
graphic design, writing, photography, guitar, biking, cross-country, hiking, traveling, cooking, attending concerts or music festivals

random shit (favorite food, movies, vacation spots, things you do in your spare time) (good time to add a little humor as long as its neat and clean)

Story behind the nickname:

Freshman year, I skipped a friday home game to preform in an Open-Mic-Night. The next day the seniors on the team gave me shit and called me "Talent Show."


Movie: Donnie Darko
Music: I like a lot of music

We can chat over an aged Whiskey with a smoke, stay thirsty my friends and foes.

Sincerely, Grant "Talent Show" Worden




Will Jurgensen:


​Full Name: ​William Zender Jurgensen


Home Town: The Big "O" Omaha, NE - I didn't realize other cities existed. 


A little bit about your childhood:  Well I was the first boy after three girls, so lets just say some weight had been lifted! I would say I grew up just like any typical Mid-Western boy might, I loved the changing of the seasons, steak, and Nebraska football (although papa j made certain I was raised a Creighton fan).   I would like to make a quick point that there is little to no corn in Omaha, still the outdoors offered me the opportunity to get out and explore.  My loud voice and determination to get heard are rooted in my early upbringing.  With four siblings it took high vocal chords and a quick comeback to survive in my house.  Until college I had spent all of my years as an Omahan and love the city even more with every minute I am gone. 


Why did you start playing hockey?: Well as I remember it my father who has zero hockey background, asked me if I wanted to play hockey or football.  Being four years old I picked the better sounding of the two and here I am today.  Unfortunately my body size and structure if you will, might have been better suited as a defensive linemen.  I was without a doubt the kid that came off the ice every ten minutes to report a new equipment problem to my father, so I owe him dearly for sticking with the sport I now love so much today. After my little brother picked up a stick, hockey has since become the number two sport for the Jurgensen family, right behind competitive shopping which my mother and sisters take very seriously.  


Family: ​The high school romance of Bill Jurgensen and Kathy Zender is where this story officially begins. Both natives of greatest city in America, Omaha (as if you didn't already know that) they were married in 84' (I hope thats the right year) and the rest as they say is history.  Karly the eldest and wisest of all the children is now 26 and a beautiful musician (look her up on iTunes, and Facebook, and she has a website karlyjurgensen.com) (it's almost Christmas so I hoping this is a present booster)! Next is Mallory who has taken her talents to South Dakota and now back to the Big "O" as one of the best elementary  teachers/councilors in the business. The final sister is Hayley a recent graduate of Dayton University is now working hard or hardly working in New York City where she strives to prosper in the fashion world. Finally is little bro Connor, a current senior at Creighton Prep.  His artistic abilities and good looks (they seemed to have skipped me) are at the front of his arsenal.  Lastly is my pup Ralphie, he never just never seems to forget you!


High School: ​Grant made this one real easy.  Attended Creighton Prep, won state championships in hockey and lacrosse, two sports that Nebraska really cares nothing about! 


Why did you come to Marquette:  Well I am certain that had my father not wanted to start a family, he would have chosen a life as a Jesuit.  I was destined for high school with the Jesuits from the time I was classified as a male in the womb.  My father used to say that us kids could chose which ice cream flavor we wanted, but where we were going to high school was already determined.  Marquette stood out for me as an amazing university and I loved it from the very first time I visited.  If you haven't noticed yet I really like Omaha, and Milwaukee is simply another Omaha with a really big lake. I haven't doubted my decision to come here for one second. 


Favorites:  I love the Colorado Avalanche, chicken nuggets, Dr. Pepper, long sessions at the library, and the first snow fall of the year, it really just gets me every time. 


Peace, Love and Save the Whales,




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