2017, 2013 ACHA DIII National Championship Participant 


MACHA Silver Division Conference Champion - 2015, 2016



We are currently in the process of uncovering our history and the founding of the Marquette Hockey Club if you know anything about the history of our organization we would like to hear from you please feel free to click on the email me section at the bottom of the page.

The photo at the bottom of the page was taken in the Winter of 1970.  The ’69 – ’70 school year was the first for Marquette Univ. Hockey.  A new skating arena had just recently been built; that’s where we played.  We only scrimmaged among ourselves in the late fall of ’69; then during spring semester of 1970, we played our first games.  Our first game was against the Milwaukee Institute of Technology (MIT) which later changed its name to Milwaukee Technical College, which is now part of the Milwaukee Area Technical College system.    We played MIT once more that season and another team [I forget who]. Three games … I think we were 3 – 0.

There was no professional hockey in Milwaukee at the time; hockey wasn’t that big there yet.  Most of the guys on the team were from New England , Minnesota or the Chicago area.  I played on a line with two other guys from Massachusetts; we called it the “Bay State” line.  Speed skating in West Allis was the big attraction.  We sometimes went out to the speed skating oval --- in our hockey skates! J --- just for the hell of it.

In the old black & white picture at the bottom, I am the second from the left in the back row (#25).  Next to me is David Albertini (#22), my line-mate (and former roommate).    We were wearing the club football team jerseys; they were loaned to us by the Athletic Director.  All other uniforms and equipment was our own, hence we didn’t match, except for the jerseys.  The guy who actually started the team was a graduate student from Rhode Island; I don’t remember his name.  I don’t remember the names of any of the others.  Since both David and I --- along with a few other guys --- were seniors, we graduated in May.  I don’t know any of the history after that … except that when I was in graduate school at Penn State (’85 –’88) --- and playing in an adult league of faculty and graduate students ---, I remember seeing at the rink a trophy from the early ‘80’s where Penn State had won the club national championships [there was no ACHS then] and on the trophy was the score of the final game:  Penn State __ and MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY __; so Marquette must have gotten pretty good between 1970 and the early ‘80’s  to have made the national finals!  I had also heard that for a time Marquette had disbanded its club team.

Courtesy of Michael McClay.



I am Bill Brown and I am in the picture at the top row right side.  I entered MU in the fall of 1970.  That was the first year MU actually played games against other schools.  In the 1970-1971 school year we were 6-0.

The goalie in the picture is Dennis Butler.  Dennis was the "founder" of the program.  The 70-71 year was his senior year.

We played MSOE, UW Parkside, a club team from Racine, and in our last game of that season we played Northern Illinois.  That game with NIU put Marquette Hockey clearly on the map as a legitimate club with ASMU.  I am not sure the student government is still called ASMU as it was then. (currently called MUSG)
The game against NIU was played at Wilson Park, a rink on the south side of Milwaukee.  At that time we did not have uniforms.  We borrowed the club football uniforms for our 6 games that year.  Any way NIU comes to Milwaukee in their own bus with a second bus of fans from their school.
It was comical as we watched these guys get off the bus.  We realized this program was way ahead of where were at that time.
NIU takes the ice looking like the BlackHawks.  They had the Chicago road white uniforms.  Their uniforms cost more than our entire budget that year.
To make a long story short NIU out shot Marquette something like 65-8.  In the 3rd period alone they had 3 uncontested breakaways.  With 10 seconds remaining in the game we scored and won 2-1!  Dennis Butler, our goalie made 64 saves.  NIU was so pissed after the game that they lost.....if you go to the MU tribune February of 1971 there is a story in the Wednesday edition (as the game was on a Sunday) that legitimized MU Hockey.  The following years we received a decent budget from ASMU to continue the program

Bill Brown
Sr. Producer FOX Sports