The MD2 Marquette University Golden Eagles hockey team suffered a tough loss Friday night against the MD2 Drury University Panthers. The final score was 11-2 in favor of the Panthers, and the Golden Eagles were outshot 67-32. The Panthers had a strong powerplay, going 6/12, while the Golden Eagles could only manage 1/4. Panthers goalie Joshua Robins had an incredible game, making 56 saves on 32 shots. Golden Eagles goalie Daniel Leger also had a good game, making 56 saves on 67 shots. Panthers forward Keegan Ferguson had an outstanding game, recording 4 assists. The lone goal for the Golden Eagles was scored by Michael Helm.

The Golden Eagles will look to bounce back from this tough loss and get back to their winning ways. It was a tough game, but the team is still looking to make a run in the playoffs. With a few adjustments, the Golden Eagles can get back on track and make a strong push for the playoffs.